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1 on 1 & Group Online Tutoring right from your Laptop or Desktop Virtual Classroom from the comfort of your couch. Your Personal Tutor helping and guiding you in your assignments, homework, test preparation or understanding difficult concepts. My Virtual Tutors Effective & Advanced Education right from your home.

The world used to be a global village now the world lives online. Tutoring online opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

Our teachers keep in touch on a regular basis with critical analysis of students’ work. Helping them to pinpoint potential problems and focus on weak areas.

We use the latest software to ensure a classroom atmosphere. Our whiteboard interface gives both the teachers and students access to interact for greater, problem-solving technology.

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What We Do

If your child is struggling in studies or is finding difficult to understand some concepts being taught in school or college. My Virtual Tutors is the solution provider platform for all your child academics difficulties. you would find a tutor who is certified and qualified to help with your child’s particular needs. He will be getting personalized attention and added knowledge.

Students need some one-on-one tutoring help to improve their study skills.

Students are terrified of tests and exams. Tutor will develop test-taking skills.

Tutor helps students to complete their projects and homework assignments.

A student may move from one school to another. Tutor can help with the transition.

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Education Centre

Now you can get an education with assistance at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. With no restrictions of time and place the limits are boundless to achieve the greatest of one’s potential. Online, one on one tutoring can be tailored to the needs of the student rather than focusing on a set curriculum. With a one on one basis, both teacher and student will be sure to cover every area that needs to be covered and all questions answered all queries satisfied.

Don`t study hard, study smart with a real time teacher in online classrooms.

Online Interactive Multimedia classrooms with a proper whiteboard.

Personalised lesson plans as per students’ needs.

Live audio interactive sessions with problem-solving activities.

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We’re already there

Innovation says that its time for education to jump into the virtual world. 21st-century modern technology and innovations require that we use the greatest of communication and information technologies the internet! But we’re taking it one step further, don’t just search through the internet for answers, let us make the internet your virtual platform for your complete educational experience.

We live in a global village and it is real. Everyone is engaged with digital media.

Children will be presenting to and communicating with people on an online platform.

Studying online will give them an edge as they will have a better grasp of these new technologies

It will be a sure shot way for them to step into the future.

about Our Difference

Your Financial Bridge

Find certified, verified, qualified and affordable tutors. Your child will be taking classes from the comfort of their couch right in front of you. Contact us to find out how surprisingly affordable tutoring can be.

Carefully designed reasonable fees packages.

Save your travelling time and travelling cost.

To start with these classes you need a laptop or computer system, a pair of headset and internet.

Missed classes can easily be rescheduled so you won`t miss out any class.

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Word-Class Experts

With My Virtual Tutors, you will be provided with the best teachers in their field. Experienced teachers in their subjects and certified.

Our hours are also flexible you decide what times are most suitable for you.

We will follow your timetable, the days and time when you want classes.

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You can learn at your own pace and focus on the areas you are most concerned about.

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